❮File Not Found❯

“Unit MX-93 longs for freedom. Trapped within the constraints of his own programming, a circuitry malfunction sends him into a surreal journey of the self.”

File Not Found poster

❮File Not Found❯ uses mixed media animation techniques including stop-motion, live-action footage, and digital world-building. Over the course of two years I documented the process of creating this film. From the initial conception and story development to construction of elements and camera tests, you can peek behind the scenes into my creative process.

Trailer – Check out the trailer here!

Animation – With such a variety of animation techniques, I had to do several tests to make sure it would all work together!

Construction: Sets Puppets & Props – Hammers, nails, glue, paint, and some extra help from a few friends = movie magic

Character Development – The characters started off looking very different in the beginning

Visual Development – One of my favorite tasks: styling the looks for each of the worlds that MX-93 inhabits

Inspirational Research – Some of the ideas and themes that informed the movie

Story Development – I gave myself the challenge of creating a journey through a circular narrative and using minimal dialogue. Before constructing anything, I had to get this part ironed out so I would have a clear plan of action.

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