Character Study


I still don’t know what to call her: the Mary figure, the Goddess, Sophia, Isis, the Shekinah, etc. For me she represents the search for the ultimate truth, the underlying wisdom from which there are no more questions or at least, no more confusion. Complete union with her means complete and full knowing. For my Robot protagonist, connection with her is one way only; he receives and she provides. He downloads much more “information” than he can process and it wipes him out.




That is not a pizza box at the bottom, but it’s supposed to be a circuit board. This design is formed around an upward facing triangle to emphasis the directionality of information flowing from a single source “heavenward” down to the Robot. I also tried out a more empathetic and compassionate expression on her face. Her hands would shoot lighting type energy bolts.


In this sketch, I really like the circuit-tree halo around her head and the wire arms. I imagine some landscape or animation happening where the folds of her dress would be. Her body is meant to resemble the vesica pisces, a symbol of fertility and life.





This is a softer version based on eastern renditions of Quan Yin from Chinese Buddhism. Her clothing and hair is meant to flow in accordance with the elements: clouds and water. This sketch doesn’t incorporate any of the technological elements I want her to ultimately have, but I’d like to keep working on the idea of intricately flowing robes or hair.



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