Style Reference


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Here’s a slideshow of my favorite style reference I’ve collected so far. I also find it helpful to enumerate the techniques and compositional strategies that define this look, somewhere between art deco, constructivism, and Bauhaus. Anyway here are my random thoughts on the matter and what I aim to incorporate in the film’s design:


I featured Lempicka‘s work  for the way she shapes human forms into geometry. She uses strong source light with little to no fill or rim. High contrast.


Cubism flattens space by creating broken gradients of light and dark values – tonal contrast within the frame, shallow space, hue affinity (analogous color) and saturation affinity.


Gradients-define edges creating linear elements. Mimic large artificial lights or “the night-life” atmosphere.


Futurism ideal of fast, strong, powerful, movement. Larger-than-life movement.


90/10 proportions keep coming up in these references, especially in regards to the details. These proportions feel monumental compared to 2/3.


On the diagonal, Worm’s Eye View – the monumental feeling; looking up at the scene.


Severe geometrical divisions of surface: Diagonal lines and triangles as surface divisions. Long Rectangles. Symmetrical compositions. Clean arcs and circles. Repeating shapes.


One point perspectives, low horizon lines.


Sun/ Sun Rays imagery: Prometheus



Flat shapes/areas of color


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