Throwback Thursday – Animated Rooster

Inception style throwback — I filmed this rooster during a trip to Peru in 2006 and animated it a couple of years ago as part of another film (which I will upload shortly).

I have an unusual affection for hens and roosters that I can’t quite explain. It must be some sort of nostalgia for a homestead style of living that my parents and grandparents experienced.  And as an animator, their movements are so strange and interesting!

To create this animation, I exported the sequence as TIFF images and hand painted over them in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. I didn’t do any “onion skinning” technique just straight ahead color animation. I used the eye dropper to approximate the color of the bird in different areas and to catch the light shifts in the original movie file. Then I exported the image sequence in After Effects. Enjoy!

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