Chakra Illustrations

Namaste! This set of Chakra illustrations were created for In Hindu tradition, Chakras are centres of vital energy located at different points on the physical body.  They affect both the physical body and the astral body. All are depicted with a certain number of petals, corresponding to the number of nadis (channels in the astral body) and their own color and mantra.  I made these with colored pencils over a chalk pastel background.

crown chakra


third eye chakra


throat chakra


heart chakra


solar plexus chakra


sacral chakra


root chakra



File Not Found DVD jacket design!

File Not Found DVD

Hot off the press for festival season! File Not Found has an official DVD design. The outside cover features a colorized version of a design by Monica Chance. It features the MX-93 Robot in a “Metropolis” homage. The interior is bursting with love. In addition to the DVD, careful readers will find bits and pieces of ramblings on technology, salvation, and deprogramming directives.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

file not found – trailer from Maria Sequeira on Vimeo.

MX-93 longs for freedom. Trapped within the constraints of his own programming, a circuitry malfunction sends him into a surreal journey of the self.

Throwback Thursday – Animated Rooster

Inception style throwback — I filmed this rooster during a trip to Peru in 2006 and animated it a couple of years ago as part of another film (which I will upload shortly).

I have an unusual affection for hens and roosters that I can’t quite explain. It must be some sort of nostalgia for a homestead style of living that my parents and grandparents experienced.  And as an animator, their movements are so strange and interesting!

To create this animation, I exported the sequence as TIFF images and hand painted over them in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. I didn’t do any “onion skinning” technique just straight ahead color animation. I used the eye dropper to approximate the color of the bird in different areas and to catch the light shifts in the original movie file. Then I exported the image sequence in After Effects. Enjoy!

File Not Found screening at Peacock Visual Arts in Scotland! Plus Links to Awesome Animated Shorts


File Not Found will screen at the In Motion Animation Festival this weekend at the Peacock Visual Arts Centre for Contemporary Arts in Scotland!

You can check out the fantastic lineup of animation here:

Some great animations I can recommend start with Andreas Hykade’s “Love and Theft” which is a fluid psychedelic trip of a piece. The animation cycles through both familiar cartoon characters and unknown types in a way that keeps you mesmerized to the end. I immediately wanted to sit with a pencil, stack of paper, and light-table and just play! I won’t be able to fly to Scotland for the Festival so I will be inspired via Vimeo here:

“Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage” by Bastien Dubois will also be screening. It’s a delicate, thoughtful travelogue through Madagascar and I highly recommend it! I first saw this at the Animation Show of Shows and had to bring it home with me to watch again and again. A great example animation portraying a personal and cultural experience.

Another fun one that I’ve seen is “Fast Film” by Virgil Wildrich. An homage to old cinema and westerns, it shows a unique style I’ve never seen before. Different movie scenes are played out onto paper-shapes of trains, horses and machine parts. And most remarkably, it was all done practically and without digital effects. If you can’t make it to Scotland, check it out on Vimeo:

And for those adventurous viewers who like things a little off-kilter there’s David O’Reilly’s “Please Say Something” a love story between a cat and mouse set in the distant future. This one is not for kids by the way on account of language. O’Reilly’s work is on the bleeding edge in terms of portraying our digital experience through animation, so give it a shot! The youtube link in HD is here:

I’ll also mention how wonderful the feature length “Paprika” is as a surreal and visually stunning movie. I can also heartily recommend “A Town Called Panic” as a more goofy stop-motion comedy animation (French with subtitles). What an exciting lineup for the festival!!

File Not Found will screen at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

Boston Sci-Fi

I’m really excited to be part of this sci-fi shorts program! The festival is from Feb 8 – 18th and I wish I could be in Boston and check out the other great films. If you are a sci-fi fan on the east coast you can find out more about the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival here:

and join their facebook page here:

Animation Reel

Variety is the spice of life! The following reel highlights the many styles of animation I’ve been lucky enough to work on. You’ll see 2D, motion graphics, mixed media, stop-motion, and some good, old-fashioned 16mm. Throughout these projects I’ve been animator, designer, director, fabricator, and effects artist. Click through for a shot breakdown of each project featured.

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Stop Motion Reel

Stop Motion is nothing short of magical. In a media landscape full of digital and computer-generated imagery stop-mo creates wonder, fascination, and interest. I’ve recently been introduced to this world and continue to learn my way around fabrication and animation. I’ve integrated some of these techniques into my own short film in addition to the animation reel below:

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Linda Doesn’t Make Excuses – Puppet Practice

It has been a long time since I animated a stop-motion puppet and was overdue for a practice session. As I rework my demo reels I realized I have an unruly ratio of robots to people and felt something must be done to rectify the situation. Luckily, John Sumner over at Stoopid Buddy Studios was kind enough to lend me several of his puppets to practice with.

Linda puppet

The first puppet is a voluptuous lady in a full dress. Similar to the You Like Me puppet, she is only poseable from the waist up. I fabricated some eyelids for her and decided to use the mouth shapes I had previously created.

I scoured the site and found this:

Linda’s Film on Menstruation (1974) is a hilarious and cringeworthy coming-of-age tale worth watching in its own right, but it also has a great bit at the end where the producers interview people on the street.

Once I settled on a clip, I did track reads in Dragon Stop Motion and spent an evening fiddling with the lighting and setup.

I didn’t get anywhere close to finishing today but here is what I have so far:

The full clip is about 20 seconds and I really hope to get through it in the next few nights. And yes, that’s a popular coffee chain sign behind her.