Switches Animation Test

I really wanted to get the computer bits I have on camera and see what they look like in motion. I pulled out a selection of switches and just did this quick motion test with Dragon software. I really like the “initiate” button and will definitely use that. I also like the combination of hardware with clay.

Robot Walk test

This is just the armature of the robot puppet. I think the wire I used is a bit too thick, especially for his fingers. Unfortunately, the label of the wire rubbed off and I don’t remember the size.

It’s actually good I haven’t completed the body, as I will be rethinking his design this week.


Skeleton Bird Dance test

Here is an approach to the Skeleton Bird dance scene of the film. The layers are constructed in AFter Effects. I imagine actual smoke comped into the scene. The birds will be a flat 2D cutout style. Music: shamanic style drumbeats and mechanical hisses.