Nightmare Scene Transition rough layout

These transitions are a brain twister in terms of AE workflow. I want to avoid a very long composition with the transition scene and the two other scenes that bookend it. I’ve uploaded a draft quality version of this pass. Images are from NASA site; robot animated with Dragon; composite and effects in After Effects.

This approach is a modification from the original spiral idea that I had planned. I was hoping for a nuanced indication of both interior and downward movement (into hell) but really I will be happy if the idea of any kind of transformation comes across. One of the feedback points I received recently is that it’s unclear why the stylistic change occurs at this point. I think this transition will help to clear that up. Also I should add that the other half of this transition is not posted – he opens his eyes within the new environment.

Opening animation

These animation clips are the lo-res versions using Dragon Stop Motion software.  Post tweaks will include rig removal (my finger) on MX-93 and on the hat. I’ll also add the contents of the glowing monitor in post. I lit the set using three Arri lights and some blue gels. My lighting challenge was to create a diffuse field of light behind him and behind the monitor (I used a  chimera attachment).