Beach Scene blocking

Last time I posted pictures of this set it looked like this. Beach scene blocking: the reverse close-ups are not included (they’ll be shot with a long lens on a green screen background). Many thanks to Lior Chefetz for his DP help in going through each setup. The final image is the lighting design.

Beach Set Pictures

At this point it doesn’t look like much of a beach, but that’s what I’m going to keep calling it for consistency’s sake. I’m pretty happy with the giant circuit board appearance, and probably could have spent a  lot more time creating more circuit boards with more dense detail (it’s really fun), but  I had to put on my producer hat and move forward with lighting and blocking. My main challenge right now is to decide to lift the stage up to create a space for tie-downs underneath, or to go with my original shortcut of just pushing the tie downs into the foam floor. I am anxious to finish all the robot’s animation in the next month and have the holiday break to work on rig removal and digital effects.

The following pictures are not the final lighting at all, just photos of the set as it looks now:

Bird Skeleton Final Design

This is the final bird skeleton design. I’ve used three tones: black, light grey, dark grey which will be laser cut on thick card stock paper. Then I will glue the different layers together to create the pieces for this 2D puppet. I will animate him on the downshooter, then clone him in After Effects.

Room Construction


I am so excited! Here is the picture of the right wall of MX-93’s living room. Melissa Bloom has done an amazing job of translating flat drawings into this layered relief-mural. I love the way the light catches on the edges of the pyramid. The wall is without a paint treatment, but I think it already looks awesome. I can’t wait for the room to come together!



Robot Construction

This version of the head and torso are much smaller than the previous balsa wood version. It’s also built from pine wood, so it’s not so flaky and crumbly when I drill or sand it. John Sumner, fabricator and builder extraordinaire at Buddy Systems, helped me shape the angles of the torso in the workshop (thank you Sumner!).  The pine still splintered a bit, but I spackled over it and sanded it down. The eyes have these the perfect size plastic pieces that are from a peephole (thanks Doug!).