Stop motion Angry Walk test

This is a walk test using the Dragon software. The puppet was basically just a wireframe, but I created some pants and a tshirt with a clay ball head. His arms ended up ridiculously short, but the point of the exercise was to convey his anger (at having short arms, perhaps?)

Stop Motion Clay Man

I just got the Dragon Stop Motion software today and hooked it up to a Canon Rebel XT 350D. The camera doesn’t support live-view, but the Dragon software allows you to capture a preview frame by pressing the “3” key. It didn’t take very long to get used to it and it’s a lot better than “shooting blind”.

This clay man was a real challenge to keep up. I used a rig made of armature wire and another rig that was just a column of clay. I took out the rigs with Photoshop. It seemed the spot healing brush was the quickest and most effective tool to remove the wire. For the clay rig I used the patch tool, although this was just a test. For a finished project, it would mean careful cloning using a clean plate of the set.