File Not Found DVD jacket design!

File Not Found DVD

Hot off the press for festival season! File Not Found has an official DVD design. The outside cover features a colorized version of a design by Monica Chance. It features the MX-93 Robot in a “Metropolis” homage. The interior is bursting with love. In addition to the DVD, careful readers will find bits and pieces of ramblings on technology, salvation, and deprogramming directives.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

file not found – trailer from Maria Sequeira on Vimeo.

MX-93 longs for freedom. Trapped within the constraints of his own programming, a circuitry malfunction sends him into a surreal journey of the self.

Nightmare Scene Transition rough layout

These transitions are a brain twister in terms of AE workflow. I want to avoid a very long composition with the transition scene and the two other scenes that bookend it. I’ve uploaded a draft quality version of this pass. Images are from NASA site; robot animated with Dragon; composite and effects in After Effects.

This approach is a modification from the original spiral idea that I had planned. I was hoping for a nuanced indication of both interior and downward movement (into hell) but really I will be happy if the idea of any kind of transformation comes across. One of the feedback points I received recently is that it’s unclear why the stylistic change occurs at this point. I think this transition will help to clear that up. Also I should add that the other half of this transition is not posted – he opens his eyes within the new environment.

Opening animation

These animation clips are the lo-res versions using Dragon Stop Motion software.  Post tweaks will include rig removal (my finger) on MX-93 and on the hat. I’ll also add the contents of the glowing monitor in post. I lit the set using three Arri lights and some blue gels. My lighting challenge was to create a diffuse field of light behind him and behind the monitor (I used a  chimera attachment).


Room Scene notes


left wall

Changes for today include solving my nagging issues with the intro scene. During thesis review two weeks ago, it was suggested to cut down the length of the room scene as the pacing is too slow. Part of that is the music and part of that is me giving myself time to figure out how to set the scene.

I am getting rid of the shot with the fourth wall and instead going to use the “check in” screen to show MX-93 under constant surveillance. A great note during presentation was that the “check-in” felt like he was arriving at work. I should add: Welcome Home MX-93. Today you worked 16.1803399 hours. Your commute lasted 3.14159265 minutes. You have been checked in at HOME. Lights out in 36.6667 min

Then a CU on the creepy camera eye that scans him. The second time we see the screen should have a creepy corporate logo on it. I will need to do some motion graphics development to get a look for this.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace – Richard Brautigan


I came across this poem this week after hearing a radio feature of the Adam Curtis documentary of the same name. I believe this is a reading by the artist himself. Although I won’t use the nature imagery, I think this poem captures the sentiment of the Robot Heaven theme: MX-93 is looking for a paradise where he can abdicate responsibility to the larger universal matrix. Not to discount the very important element of surrender on the spiritual journey, but I am choosing to focus the film on the question of personal responsibility and action.

I suspect I will have to make some adjustments to show that MX-93 really believes he has found his salvation once reaching Heaven. And I am hoping it inspires some better dialog between the Goddess and MX-93 than what is currently in the animatic.

I also really like the cadence and tone of the reading. I don’t know what the copyright issues would be, but I would love to include a distorted version or quote of this reading into the soundscape of Heaven.