File Not Found DVD jacket design!

File Not Found DVD

Hot off the press for festival season! File Not Found has an official DVD design. The outside cover features a colorized version of a design by Monica Chance. It features the MX-93 Robot in a “Metropolis” homage. The interior is bursting with love. In addition to the DVD, careful readers will find bits and pieces of ramblings on technology, salvation, and deprogramming directives.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

file not found – trailer from Maria Sequeira on Vimeo.

MX-93 longs for freedom. Trapped within the constraints of his own programming, a circuitry malfunction sends him into a surreal journey of the self.

File Not Found screening at Peacock Visual Arts in Scotland! Plus Links to Awesome Animated Shorts


File Not Found will screen at the In Motion Animation Festival this weekend at the Peacock Visual Arts Centre for Contemporary Arts in Scotland!

You can check out the fantastic lineup of animation here:

Some great animations I can recommend start with Andreas Hykade’s “Love and Theft” which is a fluid psychedelic trip of a piece. The animation cycles through both familiar cartoon characters and unknown types in a way that keeps you mesmerized to the end. I immediately wanted to sit with a pencil, stack of paper, and light-table and just play! I won’t be able to fly to Scotland for the Festival so I will be inspired via Vimeo here:

“Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage” by Bastien Dubois will also be screening. It’s a delicate, thoughtful travelogue through Madagascar and I highly recommend it! I first saw this at the Animation Show of Shows and had to bring it home with me to watch again and again. A great example animation portraying a personal and cultural experience.

Another fun one that I’ve seen is “Fast Film” by Virgil Wildrich. An homage to old cinema and westerns, it shows a unique style I’ve never seen before. Different movie scenes are played out onto paper-shapes of trains, horses and machine parts. And most remarkably, it was all done practically and without digital effects. If you can’t make it to Scotland, check it out on Vimeo:

And for those adventurous viewers who like things a little off-kilter there’s David O’Reilly’s “Please Say Something” a love story between a cat and mouse set in the distant future. This one is not for kids by the way on account of language. O’Reilly’s work is on the bleeding edge in terms of portraying our digital experience through animation, so give it a shot! The youtube link in HD is here:

I’ll also mention how wonderful the feature length “Paprika” is as a surreal and visually stunning movie. I can also heartily recommend “A Town Called Panic” as a more goofy stop-motion comedy animation (French with subtitles). What an exciting lineup for the festival!!

File Not Found will screen at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

Boston Sci-Fi

I’m really excited to be part of this sci-fi shorts program! The festival is from Feb 8 – 18th and I wish I could be in Boston and check out the other great films. If you are a sci-fi fan on the east coast you can find out more about the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival here:

and join their facebook page here:

Opening animation

These animation clips are the lo-res versions using Dragon Stop Motion software.  Post tweaks will include rig removal (my finger) on MX-93 and on the hat. I’ll also add the contents of the glowing monitor in post. I lit the set using three Arri lights and some blue gels. My lighting challenge was to create a diffuse field of light behind him and behind the monitor (I used a  chimera attachment).


Switches Animation Test

I really wanted to get the computer bits I have on camera and see what they look like in motion. I pulled out a selection of switches and just did this quick motion test with Dragon software. I really like the “initiate” button and will definitely use that. I also like the combination of hardware with clay.