Stop Motion: Props & Fabrication

(Click here to see my independent stop-motion projects and experiments. Or for my stop-mo animation reel go here.)


Ruby’s Studio / The Mother Company:  This project was two separate children’s shorts for an episode of “Ruby’s Studio”.  All puppets and props were created in 2 1/2 dimensions somewhere between cutouts and full puppets. For the “Friend-ship” I assisted Melissa Bloom with some fabrication and tests. Directed by Musa Brooker. Animated by Pete Levin and Jay Kim.  You can see the trailer of the episode here.

Here is Ziggy the robot in pieces:
Ziggy Pieces

 Here are Ziggy’s dimensional parts in super-sculpy, and the finished robot:

Ziggy 2.5D

  Ziggy Screenshot

Some tests for the hands and a final screenshot:

Hands TestFriendship Screenshot

Frankenwinnie / College Humor: CabinetHoneypotsGarden Tools and other props were styled and painted to imitate the visual style of Winnie the Pooh

CupboardCups (quarter shown for scale)

Spy v Spy / MAD Cartoon Network: Blunderbuss extension on rifle gun

Vault Door for Spy vs. Spy

And some Lamps, and a Retina Scanner

And some picnic food: a TurkeyPie, and dangerous Beehive

File Not Found: animatable Suitcase – had to be crushed during animation

This following image is a screenshot where it gets crushed:
A Wooden Boat prop for the same film;  made from cardboard, wooden stirrers, tongue depressors, and paint.

And the screenshot:

From the same film: Bowler Hat prop fitted to the puppet’s head

and a Coat Rack styled after the USB logo:

Also, a Side Table and Chair prop. Chair prop has tie-down access to secure puppet:

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