Animation Reel

Variety is the spice of life! The following reel highlights the many styles of animation I’ve been lucky enough to work on. You’ll see 2D, motion graphics, mixed media, stop-motion, and some good, old-fashioned 16mm. Throughout these projects I’ve been animator, designer, director, fabricator, and effects artist. Click through for a shot breakdown of each project featured.

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Stop Motion Reel

Stop Motion is nothing short of magical. In a media landscape full of digital and computer-generated imagery stop-mo creates wonder, fascination, and interest. I’ve recently been introduced to this world and continue to learn my way around fabrication and animation. I’ve integrated some of these techniques into my own short film in addition to the animation reel below:

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File Not Found Animatic v2

This animatic is still working with the thumbnails and trying to nail down the actual sequence of events. I am pretty happy with the sequence and think it will loop into itself nicely. This coming week I’ll flesh out the thumbnails with more detail and value tone.