Table and Chair props

The entire thrust of my concept for the thesis film is to visually incorporate patterns of information (symbols and metaphors) in order to create a kind of text that can be read and studied. I want to learn the ways knowledge can be transmitted visually through filmic language. For example, the table follows the “v” design scheme, with a printed pattern of concentric squares in the center. Generally the square represents the material, earthly realm. The four sides and four points allude to the four seasons, the four cardinal directions, the four basic elements (air water earth and fire).  Beyond this, the square implies the foundation, or cornerstone of manifesting an idea into reality. It can also imply imprisonment, as in the case of the self that identifies only with the physical reality the square describes. For me, the table design represents the projection of an idea, from the bottom of the room’s floor upward. The concentric squares on top  are a nod to the spiral and thus to the inward movement of the self.

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